End-to-end data labelling solutions for your machine.

We label everything from fruits on farms to groceries in baskets.

Designed to scale with your labelling needs 🚀

Project management

A dedicated project manager will work with you to set requirements, recruit labellers and monitor labelling quality from start to end.

Trained workforce

A diverse workforce of 10,000+ remote  labellers are closely vetted and trained by our Business Operations team.

Data security

A layered approach to security to ensure compliance with regulatory, best practice, and customer requirements, including GDPR.
Labelling community
Carefully curated labellers who are trained by our Project Managers to label on our platform.
Labellers are required to complete strict assessments to qualify for work on our platform.
Ground truth
Ground truth tasks allow us to monitor annotation labelling quality in real time.
Unique tasks with low consensus scores are filtered out automatically.

Industry-specific solutions

We'll work closely with you to accelerate your data labelling workflow on our platform.

Got a question?

How do you train labellers to annotate accurately?
How do you QC work done by your labellers? 
How do you prevent ground truth tasks from being too predictable?
Can we add or edit labels to fit our requirements?
Sounds great! Who will setup my project? 
Quality at scale

"Quality is very important to us. We help companies build algorithms and machines that impact the world at scale. I feel a social responsibility to get this right so that our technology can be deployed to make AI accessible to businesses everywhere."

– TC Wu, CTO of Supahands
Sri Muniandy, SDR at Supahands

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