Product Manager

Full Time
Kuala Lumpur

About the role

A Product Manager’s mission at Supahands is simple — help create the most accessible AI tools to accelerate AI adoption around the world.

Product Management at Supahands is a hands-on role. You will define and build products that bring exceptional value to our users. You will be part of a team that is responsible for deciding what products we build and why we build them.

You will work within the Tech team alongside Product Designers, Engineers and Data Scientists. Product Managers at Supahands also interact daily with other internal teams. We are the glue that unites all aspects of our Product suite under a single, cohesive vision.

Your responsibilities

  • Deliver products that reflect a uniquely Supahands perspective on accelerating the development of AI.
  • Manage the roadmap: capture work from a wide range of inputs, understand and prioritise this work so your team is always working on the most impactful projects.
  • Conduct research to better understand the problems you’re tackling, in order to clearly define and frame those problems for the team.
  • Collaborate with your team in thinking big, and ideate future solutions that solve these problems.
  • Scope these solutions to their smallest coherent state to ship to customers as early as you can.
  • Constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures, both in beta’s and after full release.

You'll be a good fit if

  • You have at least 1-2 years of product management experience.
  • You can think in terms of the big picture but deliver on the details. 
  • You have a nose for great products, and advocate for new features with qualitative and quantitative reasoning. 
  • You do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful, whether that means writing up documentation or hunting down the root cause of a user’s frustration. 
  • You can turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans.
  • You love  taking on complex challenges and finding new ways to solve problems.
  • You communicate with empathy and exceptional precision. 
  • You are interested to be technical enough to ask engineers good questions about architecture and product decisions alike. 
  • Beyond just shipping new products, you obsess about continuous product improvement.
  • You’re entrepreneurial and you don’t need direction.
  • You're a pace setter that’s self-driven to continuously learn and seek feedback.

Bonus if you have

  • Experience working in high-growth start-ups.
  • Experience in programming languages/frameworks.

Our offer

  • Be part of one of Malaysia’s most exciting AI enablement companies.
  • To see your ideas become a reality and generate value.
  • An exciting, collaborative environment.
  • Salary and Bonus.
  • Participate in an open, creative and innovative company culture. 

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