We accelerate the development of Al by labelling data for machines.

We build technology to accurately label images, text, speech and video for companies, helping them launch and scale high performing artificial intelligence systems.

We’re always moving fast and breaking (and rebuilding) things. Our #1 priority is to create the best platform and tools for high quality data labelling.  That's why our clients keep coming back for more. We always listen but we're not afraid to over-communicate too. This is how we consistently deliver outstanding results. 

With this in mind, we've also introduced bolt - a self-service image annotation platform. bolt offers a fast and seamless experience for data labelling projects by allowing users to upload images, evaluate quality and export data while we handle all the annotating.

Our team is our strongest asset. We believe that the acceleration of machine learning works in tandem with putting people first. Our labellers are vetted remotely by our dedicated Community Hub team. The work they do is monitored through QA/QC features we've built to teach, train and upskill them. 


Our team is our strongest asset at Supahands.

Susian Yeap

COO & Co-founder

Susian considers herself to be a “Jill of all trades”. She is currently utilising her past experience in management consulting to create structure and implement plans wherever she is needed. She also loves pugs and diving!

Mark Koh

CEO & Co-founder

Mark has over 17 years of experience building startups. He leads Supahands’ growth efforts, ensuring we stay competitive and adapt to market changes. Mark is also an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and an Ironman triathlete.



TC has over 20 years of tech experience and has been leading and growing tech teams at high growth startups for the past six years. He paves the strategic vision for technology at Supahands. TC enjoys cooking during his downtime, and sharing a good meal with friends and family.

Juinn Tan

Head of Demand Generation

Juinn is an infinite learner who's a B2B marketer by day and gamer by night. She's a loud and proud geek who loves using her background in Mathematics to refine her approach to building Marketing strategies that are experimental in nature and have an impact on the organisation's revenue.

Greg Meehan


Greg is responsible for driving strategic decision-making. He has experience building strong and impactful sales teams across multiple industries. Greg is a strong believer in coaching his team to push through challenges no matter what.

Steve Chong

Business Development Lead

Steve is forever curious about how and why things work, who we are and where we're going next. He embraces diversity of people, ideas, and opinions. Steve believes good ideas can come from anywhere. He's an avid reader, loves durians and diving!

Isaac Tan

Head of Product

Isaac‌ ‌is a devoted problem solver. He's an expert at distilling the complex into actionable change. Isaac is a certified thrill seeker who likes to scale high mountains and won't say no to a night dive in the deep blue ocean.

Rebekah Cheng

Product Design Lead

Rebekah loves people and using design to make their lives better. She champions the use of human-centred design to make purpose-driven change across the organisation. Rebekah loves God, great coffee and London (where she grew up).

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Our Advisors & Directors

Nor Azah Razali,

Senior Advisor, BCG

Partner, Intres Capital

Shuyin Tang,

Partner, Patamar Capital

Brian Gilmore,

Director of Product Management, InfluxData

Pedro Sttau,

Executive Director, DBS Bank

Bruno Gagliardo PhD, Advisor

Head of AI & Data Science, Bedrock

Russel Mesbah PhD,

Computer Vision Architect

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“To put it simply, we want to make AI accesible to the world.”

Mark Koh,

CEO and Co-Founder

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