Data labelling for machine learning.

We label and validate your data so your machines can keep on learning.

What we do

A fully-managed data labelling service.

  • Real talk. We label your data so you can focus on training your machine learning models.
  • Get updates from a dedicated project manager who will be there with you from set up to export. #nosweat
  • We teach and assess every labeller so your training data stays accurate.
  • Edge cases in your dataset? Our multi-flow quality control system helps us iterate your project in real time.
  • Learn more about our security and privacy practices here.
Our image annotation tool for computer vision projects.
A gif of our annotation tool in use
How we deliver

High quality, consistently.

We've designed our quality control (QC) workflows to handle even the most ambiguous edge cases.

Qualified labellers

Every labeller is required to pass strict and timed assessments before qualifying for any project.

Ground truth and QC

One of the ways we track quality is through ground truth or 'golden' datasets. We also have an elite group of labellers who QC with a fine-tooth comb.

Active feedback loop

Labelling guidelines change a few times throughout the lifecycle of a project – we get that. Your feedback goes straight to our labellers.

Real-time visibility

Coming soon: Track your project and view annotations in real-time to monitor quality from your own device.

How it works

The Supahands workflow.

Now you'll never need to build your own annotation tool (use ours!) or manage a labelling workforce to get accurate training data.


Sample dataset

We receive your sample dataset and project requirements to craft your labelling guidelines.


Proof of concept

We work iteratively on a pilot to find those cheeky edge cases and train our labellers on our annotation tool.


Qualified workforce

We scale the project with a distributed workforce of qualified labellers who are continually assessed.


Export your data

We deliver an accurate training dataset that's ready for use.


We price according to scale, quality and turnaround.

For computer vision and natural language processing projects.

Annotations from

USD 0.05

For bounding box, point, line and image classification.

View rates

Dedicated Account Manager

Enterprise-grade quality

Technical customisation

Technical support

Volume-based rates

ML-assisted labelling

Analytics Dashboard BETA

Got a question?

Will I be able to monitor the labelling being done?

How do you QC work done by your labellers? 

How do you prevent ground truth tasks from being too predictable?

Is my data secure with you?

Can we add or edit labels to fit our requirements?

Trusted by

"The team at Supahands has been very professional & easy to work with since we started our collaboration in 2019. They've provided us with good quality judgments to train, tune, and validate our Search & Recommendations models."

Puneet Garg,

Head of Data Science and Data Engineering at Carousell


What our clients say.

We're proud of what we do and how we do it. 💪

"We rely on Supahands to perform audits of our retail shelf-scanning solutions so that we can continue to improve our AI/ML capabilities and provide valuable accurate insights to our retail customers"

Phil B. Wright, CCXP,

CCO & VP of Customer Operations at Badger Technologies

“The entire sentiment team is talking about Supahands, and QA results were above 95%.”

Nitin Anjaneya, Senior Associate,

Machine Learning Services at Sprinklr

“If there's one thing that makes Supahands stand out, it's their commitment to providing consistent support throughout the data labelling process. The team actively and efficiently engaged with us to ensure any ambiguity in the dataset was cleared up.”

Bryce Wilson,

Data engineer at

“We were looking for a way to improve our onsite search experience to help our customers better find what they're looking for. Working with Supahands has enabled us to improve our onsite search and navigation, and consequently boosted our search-to-purchase conversion.”

Tom Cole,

Co-Founder & CFO at Pantastic

Ready to scale your data labelling?

Sri Muniandy, SDR at Supahands

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